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Yoshitake Products Q&A: Sight Glasses

What kind of glass is used for a sightglass?

Temperlite glass (one of the hardened glass) is used for standard products, and its maximum working temperature is 180 degrees C.

A site glass using Pyrex(R) glass or Pyrex(R) hardened glass as a special model is available, whose maximum working pressure is 220 degrees C. (Some of the products are not available in this model. Please contact us for further information.)
*Pyrex(R) is registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.
Which direction should a sight glass be installed in?

The best care should be generally required when a sight glass is connected to piping either horizontally or vertically. However, Yoshitake s sight glass can be easily installed either horizontally or vertically as you desire. The only limitation is that the glass surface should be in the side position when a ball type sight glass is horizontally installed.


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