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Yoshitake Products Q&A: Steam Traps/Radiator Products

Q What is the maximum operating pressure difference of a stem trap?


The maximum operating pressure difference is the maximum difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure of a steam trap for operation.

Any trap should be actuated under this pressure difference. For example, the pressure difference between a boiler or a steam main pipe and a collection pipe, and that between the outlet pressure of a pressure reducing valve and a collection pipe.
Q Is a steam trap available that can be connected either horizontally or vertically as desired?

Following products can be connected horizontally or vertically as you desire.

1) Thermostatic steam trap with bypass function integrated: Model TS-7 and TS-8
2) Disc type steam trap: Model TD-10NA and TD-30NA 

Q What is the maximum allowable working pressure of a steam trap?

Each steam trap has the specified maximum allowable working pressure. The trap doesnt discharge when it is used at a pressure over the specified value, because the closing pressure exceeds the opening pressure.

Example: In the case of TD-10NA, it doesnt discharge at a pressure over 2.0MPa.


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