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Yoshitake Products Q&A: Solenoid Valves & Motor Valves

Q When installing an ON-OFF valve such as a solenoid valve or a motor valve around the pressure reducing valve, how much distance, for a minimum, should be needed between these two valves?


When installing a solenoid valve, etc. that opens/closes very quickly, it should be placed before the pressure reducing valve (if possible), keeping a proper distance (3m and more is recommended).
Q What kind of problem is expected when the outlet pressure of a solenoid valve exceeds the inlet pressure?
A The valve does not close and backflow occurs. Set a check valve at the outlet side of the valve, or any other measures should be taken in such a way that the outlet pressure is kept not to exceed the inlet pressure.
Q Please give me some instructions about the installation direction of a solenoid valve.
A The valve can be installed horizontally or vertically as you desire basically, however, the vertical installation is limited to the condition that the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet sides is 0.1MPa or more. Yet, we recommend the horizontal installation where possible, because the vertical piping tends to cause malfunction in the sliding part due to the scales after a long period of stoppage. In the case of the horizontal piping, the valve must be installed with its coil upward or at least at the horizontal position. Do not install the valve with the coil downward.
 Q Can a solenoid valve be installed to a place where the piping may be frozen?
 A No. In case of a possible frozen pipe, keep the valve casing warm or take some other measures to prevent freezing.
However, do not keep the coil warm. If kept warm, the suction power of the coil may be reduced or the coil may be burned.
Q How many times of operation does DP-10 can endure?
 A We confirmed that the valve works in good conditions even after 100,000-time operation through the duration test.

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