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Ford Meter Box Company Inc. (USA)

The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the water works industry. Ford Meter Box products aresold throughout the United States and in over 35 countries worldwide.

We maintain a large finished goods inventory of nearly 2,000 different items at Ford Meter Box. Combining the pipe products manufactured in Pell City with the brass and iron products manufactured in Wabash offers Ford Meter Box customers a very complete product line, and maintains our position as a leader in the water works industry.

Year Founded 1898
 • Corporation Stops and Ballcorps
 • Service Saddles and Tapping Sleeves
 • Meter Couplings/ Fittings
 • Repair Clamps
 • Curb Stops and Meter Valves
 • Test Bench
Fields Served  Water works industry
Web Address  www.fordmeterbox.com

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