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Yoshitake Inc. (Japan)

Yoshitake manufactures valves that control fluid running through the piping.

Many of our valves use the force of the spring to actuate itself mechanically, and thus called the "self-actuated regulating valve." Due to this design, the valve requires no external energy, such as electricity, to operate itself. They are energy-saving, eco-friendly products. Yoshitake "s valves, while they themselves may not be visible, play an indispensable part in our every life; they are used in machines and plants, buildings, public facilities, and more.


Year Founded



Product Types

• Pressure Reducing Valves (Drain Separators/Check Valve/Water hammer arrestor)
• Primary Pressure Regulating Valves
• afety and Relief Valves
• Strainers
• Solenoid Valves/Motor Valves
• Temperature Regulators/Vacuum Relief Valves/Noiseless Heaters
• Expansion Joints and Flexible Joints
• Steam Traps/Radiator Products
• Air Vents/Air Outs
• Sight Glasses

Fields Served

Commercial, Industrial and Fire Protection


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Product Documents & Specifications
Contact us for more Documents & Specifications if you cannot find a suitable specification
 Pressure Reducing Valve (8.4MB)
 Safety & Relief Valve (5.4MB)
 Strainer (3.4MB)
 Solenoid Valve, Motor Valve (3.5MB)
 Temperature Regulator (1.9MB)
 Expansion & Flexible Joints (1.5MB)
 Steam Strap (2.1MB)
 Air Vent, Drain Separator, Noiseless Heater, Vacuum Relief  (2.6MB)
 Sight Glass (2.6MB)
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