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Cla-Val (USA)


CLA-VAL automatic control valves reflect the lessons learned through more than seventy years of demanding real-world use in applications such as waterworks distribution systems, fire protection systems, farm irrigation, navy ship systems, ground fueling and industrial fluid handling systems.

Built for durability and reliable service, CLA-VAL Automatic Control Valves are made from the highest quality materials and backed by a three-year warranty. By utilizing Cla-Val "s onsite foundry, we are able to provide a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in over forty different varieties of metals and grades, including ductile iron, bronze, aluminum, aluminum bronze, steel, stainless steel, Monel and Inconel.


Year founded



Product types

Flow control valve,Level control valve, Electronic control valve, Pump control valve, Pressure reducing valve, Pressure relief valve, Air valve, Pinch valve


Fields served

Water works, Fire protection, Industrial, Ground fueling, Marine


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Product Documents & Specifications
Contact us for more Documents & Specifications if you cannot find a suitable specification

 Pressure Reducing Valve 90-01 & 690-01 (1.1MB)

 Pressure Relief Valve 50-01 & 650-01 (1.1MB)

 Float Valve 124-01 & 624-01 (1.1MB)

 Waterworks Products Overview (5.6MB)
 Waterworks Products List.pdf (870KB)  
 Brochure (15MB)

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