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James Walker (England)


James Walker worldwide family of companies has 11 production, engineering, distribution and customer support sites in the UK, and a further 40 spread across Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, South Africa and the USA.

James Walker manufactures and supplies complete ranges of metallic and semi-metallic joints, gaskets and sheet jointings, to suit every industrial application.

We supply a large variety of industries including steel and aluminium, power station, chemical and petrochemical processing, food, car and tyre production and paper making.


Year Founded



Product Types

Compression Packing, Gaskets, Hydraulic Seals, Jointing, Mechanical Seals, Elastomers, Expansion Joints, Fibreglass Products


Field Served

General industrial, Chemical $ Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation & Supply, Water & Waste 


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Product Documents & Specifications
Contact us for more Documents & Specifications if you cannot find a suitable specification

 Spiral wound gasket (132KB)

 Arasele Packing (323KB)

 Liongraf Packing (71KB)

 Ribbonpak Packing (75KB)
 Rubber (30KB)

 Ringjoints (226KB)

 Sealing Products Overview (764KB)
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