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Available brands




Solenoid Valve

All-purpose , Pilot operated type
- Fluid-free service for steam, air, water and oil
- Small and compact, but large capacity
- Vertical or holizontal installation is possible


Solenoid Valves, pilot operated valves

These valves are used, for example, in:
- Filling systems
- Irrigation systems
- Fountain equipment
- Sanitary equipment
- Water treatment
- Pneumatics
- Mixing systems
- Pipelines
- Drinking water supply and many other applications in the general machine and equipment construction field.

Solenoid Valves, force pilot operated
Valves of this type can be used in a wide range of applications, for example, vacuum or high pressure applications.

These valves offer an operating security of the highest order as well as a large range of extras.

Force pilot operated solenoid valves can be used reliably both in the low pressure range and also for higher pressures.  

Solenoid Valves, direct acting operated
Direct acting solenoid valves are used, for example, for
- Vacuum technology
- Venting of gas and tank systems
- Safety control units for burner control systems
- Low pressure gas supply for industrial and domestic applications in accordance with DIN EN 161 and many other applications.